Ready or not, here we come!

It's 31 Decemeber, the last day of 2011 and it calls for a post. Or at least I do.

When you live day to day, you don't realize. But looking back, we released 4 games this year, starting with Bitejacker, 2 mini game of Tobe's Escape Series and ending with Tobe's Vertical Adventure on Steam. That's some crazy amount of work, and I'm glad to see that each one of them got us pretty good reviews from players and reviewers alike. Nothing quite beats the experience of watching a "Let's Play" clips on youtube and reading up the likes and dislike from reviewers.

It's a good year, but most of those work were actually completed in July. Eversince, we've been working on bringing Tobe's Hookshot Escape to the iOS, and if you have yet to realize from the earlier screenshot, this is not a simple port of the flash original, but a much improve version.

I'm not gonna spill the beans just yet, but we've gather and improve upon the feedbacks from players and our experience releasing it on the Window Mobile. The game now have much better controls, better balance, even more addictive, and lots and lots of replayability.

Not just that, but we also have a new upgrade mechanic (sort of), and enhanced artwork and animation.... well, not quite the HD enhancement, but bigger, better pixels. And here's a mini comparison shot :)


The game is completed, and we'll be submitting for approval, follow by some marketing and what not, so you can expect the game in early 2012. I hope you're as excited as we are, because 2012 is looking mighty fine right now.

Peace out, 2011!



If you haven't heard, Tobe's Vertical Adventure is now available in Steam's AWESOME indie bundle! Grab it for $19.99 USD and save up to $28.67 USD for a total of 10 awesome indie titles. 

  • Blocks That Matters
  • Eufloria
  • Jamestown
  • Rock of Ages
  • Sideway New York
  • Sword and Soldiers HD
  • The Binding of Isaac
  • Tobe's Vertical Adventure
  • Waves
  • Xotic 

It's a pretty awesome bundle indeed, especially with big titles like Jamestown, Eufloria and The Bind of Isaac in the mix. These are pretty new games, mostly released in the past 6 months or so, and there's also a buncha platformers like Sideway and Blocks That Matter, both which I've been wanting to try.

If you've already bought the bundle, I just wanna remind you that we have an unlockable Artwork Gallery and Soundtrack for download, and a list of achievements you can't beat ;)



Cave Story - Indie Games Searchlight


Grab Tobe's Vertical Adventure for $2.49 USD

I've been wondering about the sudden growth of my twitter follow until I finally decide to check out the Steam home page today, and realize that I completely forgotten about the long awaited Steam Autumn Sales. If you haven't grab it before, now is the time. And while it's cheap, grab 5 more copies for your family and friends, because that'll make us all very happy this holiday season. Me especially.

This is where it all happens

Offer ends 29 November.


What's Up, Doc?

It's been awefully long since the last post. For those that's been following me before Secret Base, you probably know this was coming. I make a game, I post some news, some trailers, game release, game reviewed, I got burnt out, and I shut up on the internet.

So why are we here again? Because it's seems like time to get the ball rolling again. Yeap, everytime I stay low, that's really because I'm focusing on my new game, and 2 months in, I finally have something to show again. So check this out.

Yes, indeed. It's Tobe Hookshot Adventure for the iOS (if it really matters, it used to be Tobe's Hookshot Escape). Instead of a direct port, we're working on new contents this time round. From artwork, music to gameplay. We have something new for them all. Things are still in early stage of development, but we'll be revealing more when the time is right. At the mean time, why don't you tell us what you hope to see in the game. Happy Weekend, internet.