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Mock ups 101 : The Avengers (NES)

So after watching the Avengers movie, I decided to check out the NES game, which is what got me interested in Avengers as a kid. The game, Captain America & the Avengers was a platformer released by Data East. It wasn't great, but it had some decent controls and more importantly, I like how each character (Captain America and Hawkeye) had different movelists. If you're in the mood, you can check out Super Adventures review here.

After checking the game again, I got a little hyped up and decided to do some mock up screenshot of how I would have made the game, with updated movie storyline in tune and loosen NES restriction. I do mock ups like this every once in a while for pratisce or brainstorming somtimes, so if you guys enjoy it, I will try to post up some of my old mocks in the future.

Anyway, here's some screenies, and if you like to find out my ideas for it's improvement you'll have to hit "read more".

I gave the Level Select screen a little comic strips treatment. Nick Fury now replace Wasp for the narative and mission descriptions and the Avengers logo is used as the player location indicator. The original game had 2 characters starting from different location and when one is defeated, the other have to rescue him, which forces you to replay the levels. I'd prefer the character switch to work more like NES GIjoe: Atlantis Factor, where you have to find and recruit them to the team for good.

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