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Job Description 

Secret Base is looking for a Senior Game Programmer to work our upcoming online multiplayer, arcade beat'em up for the PC and next gen console!

As a small indie studio, everyone gets to touch on all elements of development, and to contribute your ideas and skill to all aspect of the game with a sense of ownership.

What you do in the base...

  • Make games for PC and Consoles
  • Writing / Maintaining C# code on Unity
  • Working on all levels of Systems Development Life Cycle
  • Handling online elements

What you need to enter the base...

  • Only available for Singaporean or PR
  • At least 2-3 years of experience in the games industry
  • Passion and flexibility to work on varies aspect (Handling port, server, etc)
  • Resourceful - to explore and discover optimal ways to overcome technical challgenges
  • Self motivated – because we want to pass you all the big guns, and not to micro manage your every step!
  • Smile - because we're here to make what we love :)

Bonus points!

  • Experience with PC/console development is a plus
  • Experience with developing online games
  • Passion for/ enjoy indie games like Binding of Issac, Super Meat Boy, Spelunky, Hotline Miami, etc


Interested applicants please send your resume to

  • Last drawn salary
  • Expected salary
  • Availability

Let's talk before the zompocalypse

So to stop everyone from scratching the table mirror while we eagerly awaits the game to go live, I thought I take the opportunity to share some news and information about the game.

Fans of Bitejacker might wanna check out our official website, where you can download our wallpapers and comment on the game. Most importantly, this is where you are able to download all the the high-res comic stripe. They're all password protected, so you'll need to unlock the password by defeating each boss in the game. Once you do, check the comic in your progress book, and you will see the password :)

Bitejacker is sponsored by MochiGames, and they will host it exclusively for the first 2 weeks. On top of that, you can actually purchase quite a few things from our Mochi Store.

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