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One of the coolest thing about developing and releasing a game is getting reviews. Reading the pros and cons of what reviewers think about the game really helps, especially knowing these are people that play millions of game a day. That said, we have got some really exciting reviews to share, in case you're still deciding if you should buy the game.


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Bitejacker In The Spotlight

I've been meaning to consolidate the reviews and coverage we've got for the game for a while, but I never really got the time. I still don't, but I really enjoy the feedback so far, so make time, like you guys did for Bitejacker :)

It's a lot of fun reading what reviewers think about the game, especially when its a game about, well, reviewers! We're learning alot from the reviewers, and player's feedback, and hoping to show that in our future game.

Oh, and PS, I know there's a couple more article out there, but I wasn't able to get all of them, as I've lost my bookmark recently. If you found / wrote any, and I miss it out, please let me know!


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